BH&G Holiday Wax Cubes

I told you guys I hit the Jackpot at Walmart!


The scents I’m going to show below are ones I did not buy. I limited myself to 6…and boy was it hard to decided! I apologize for the glare in some of these pictures!


I didn’t really like Spiced Rum Cake. It didn’t have much of a scent to it. It smelled like a sweetish rum bundt cake with no spice.


I really liked Holiday Spice Rack. It had a mix of the typical clove and cinnamon, but I also detected some anise and cardamon and licorice root. This one almost made it home with me.

Glittering Bayberry Garland was a sweetish pine scent (similar to Holiday Bayberry from Yankee Candle).


Baked Cinnamon Roll disappointed me the most. I loved Yankee Candle’s now retired Cinnamon Roll…this one is not a replacement. It smelled waxy and artificial to me. I may stop by to smell it again, just in case it was a bad batch.


Spiced Cranberry Cider was great. It was a sweet a tart apple cider with cranberry and cinnamon notes.


Mulberry Plum Spice also almost made it home with me. It smelled like a fresh, warm mixed berry jam. Very delicious!

Under the Mistletoe was just okay to me. Nothing special. Can’t even remember any scent notes.


I do have 5 more that I bought that I will review once I try them ๐Ÿ™‚ I will add that there was a pure pine one, but it was all sold out!

-Kari Ann-




  1. Spiced Rum Cake is my favorite one for winter season, maybe because I miss those bakery sweet scents like Christmas Cookie from Yankee. Today I tried Jolly Winter Snowman and I liked it a lot, a little bit cold because of the mint, but nice.

    • I think a few of the wax cubes were bad batches or left out in a warm or cold place since a few (Spiced Rum Cake, Spiced Cinnamon Roll) just smelled like wax with some oils in it! I’m hoping to back and smell them again, because I really want to like the cinnamon roll!

      I got Jolly Winter Snowman too! Can’t wait to try it! I love cold peppermint scents ๐Ÿ™‚

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