Glade Shimmering Spruce

I have given up on these Glade quick melts!


The Scent: Pine. It is a typical christmas pine scent. Nothing amazing, but still very nice and holiday-like. B

The Throw: So weak it was practically unscented!!!!! D-

This is the third scent in these quick melts I’ve tried….and all three have been duds! I’m not going to waste anymore money on these guys!

However…Kohl’s still carries the Yankee Candle quick melts!!!! New scents too! I have a previous review raving about the YC quick melts! Yankee Candle doesn’t really carry them anymore…but KOHL’S does.

So, I recommend that if you want a quick melting candle….use Yankee Candle!

-Kari Ann-


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