Warm Crackling Campfire (BH&G)

I bought Warm Crackling Campfire (from Walmart’s BH&G wax cubes) for my husband. It’s okay.

Warm Crackling Fire

The Scent: Woodsy, masculine, clean, slightly smoky. It’s okay, but to be honest, all I can smell is soap with a hint of smoke. My husband, on the other hand, LOVED it! I’ll give it a B/A (me and my husband, respectively).

The Throw: Was average. This is the first of these BH&G wax cubes that gave a good, but not great, throw (Normally it’s either great or terrible!). B-

Overall, I wouldn’t get this one again, but my husband would…..so I would suggest everyone to smell this scent for themselves!

-Kari Ann-



    • Hi Jim, Unfortunately, all of the scents similar to Warm Crackling Fireside I know have been discontinued. Yankee Candle’s now retire Fireside was a favorite of my husband’s and occasionally shows up at outlets. Hopefully something similar will pop up when the summer line’s come out. Sorry!

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