Walmart Holiday Clearance

Happy New Year everyone!

So all the holiday wax and accessories are 50% off right now at Walmart (and Yankee Candle and Bath and Body Works!). I stopped into Walmart just to browse and walked out with a tart warmer and 6 packs of the BH&G scented wax cubes.


This warmer was $7.50 on clearance, so I couldn’t pass it up! All of the BH&G warmers are the plug-in type, which is nice if you are worried about pets or just having an open flame. They also had pumpkin warmers and cute red or white ones with words like “hope” and “peace.”


And it’s so cute lit up! This is my first non-tealight warmer!

refreshing bamboo water

The first wax cubes into the warmer was Refreshing Bamboo Water. Jenna’s boyfriend Brian gave me this scent for Christmas (Thanks Brian!)

The Scent: Very fresh, with the floral/green scent of bamboo. This scent is very calming and is the definition of zen. B

The Throw: STRONG! Wow was this one good! A+

I will note that you CAN use Yankee Candle tarts in these BH&G warmers! Also, these BH&G wax cubes and accessories will eventually go on clearance for 75% off…but usually only a few scents remain by that point!

-Kari Ann-



  1. That warmer is so cute! I didn’t see that one at my Walmart. Well, I don’t use electric warmers anyway but I still like to look at all of them. And that bamboo scent … whoa! I’ve never seen that one! My Walmart is quite lacking on regular scents at the moment but has mega-tons of Christmas scent surplus.


    • I can’t wait to see what new scents come out for the spring! My Walmart is either stocked up or completely picked over! But boy did they have a lot of Christmas scents this year!!! there were 2 separate areas just for the clearance! 🙂

      I had never seen that bamboo scent either…my sister’s boyfriend got it in New York somewhere….hope it comes back my way!

      -Kari Ann-

      • Back in the fall, I saw some other scents on one of the YouTuber’s channels, scents that I’d never seen in my area or even heard of, and I was like “Whaaaaaa…..?” I really wish there was a website for the Better Homes & Gardens tarts!

        Have you ever ordered from the Scentsationals (the other Walmart tarts) website? I always want to, but never actually do it.


      • I haven’t…but I’ve thought of it! I think the price scares me away…their $3.99 each (and then shipping). But the selection is amazing…so it may be worth it.

        The Walmart scentsationals I’ve tried have been excellent.

        (I’m browsing their site right now…so many I want to try!)

        -Kari Ann-

      • Yeah, I think the price on the site is what keeps me from ordering too, but they do have sales and a clearance section. And sometime when ordering from private vendors we pay crazy amounts so I try to remind myself that it’s ok to pay it for Scentsationals once in a while too. LOL!


      • Agreed! I think it will be worth it for the selection (and quality). And their Bargain Alley has a few that catch my eye.

        I’m trying to limit myself to one online vendor at a time. CFTKR s next on my list!

        -Kari Ann-

      • I like CFTKR. I’ve only placed one order but I’ve gotten others in swaps or as gifts. The one thing that I don’t like about that one is that they do not offer single tarts. If I’m just trying a vendor or a scent, I don’t want to have to commit to a large bag of something. If they ever switch and offer singles, I will probably be all over that shop.


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