Snowy Winter Woods (BH&G)

Get ready for one of my bad/disappointing reviews!

snowy winter woods

Cold Scent: This one smelled like a mix of Yankee Candle’s Fireside and Sparkling Snow…which are two of my husband’s favorite scents. I got this one as part of my “melt for hubby” collection. (For every 3 of my fruity, foodie, or floral scents I try to light a fresh scent for him!) So the scent was a B for me and an A for him.

The Throw: Basically scentless. This one was very light and had only a very small circle that you could detect it in! It was like I put in plain old wax into my warmer. D-

Lit Scent: Well, when I could smell it, Snowy Winter Woods was also slightly disappointing. The Sparkling Snow scent was all I could smell and none of the smokiness of Fireside (that my husband loves so much). It still smells nice….but it was different than what i expected! B

Overall, if you like the description of the cold scent above, do yourself a favor and go to Yankee candle and buy a tart of Fireside and Sparkling Snow. Split both in half and add them together into your warmer!

Which reminds me: At the Semi-Annual Sale at Yankee Candle, Fireside was 50% off. Does anyone know if this means Fireside is being discontinued?! I can’t seem to find anyone who knows which candles are being seasonally retired and which are being discontinued!

The ones on my watch list (for being discontinued) are:


-Apple Cider

-Season’s Blessings

Anyone have more info???

-Kari Ann-



  1. I can’t help you with any Yankee informations, but what a bummer about the Snowy Winter Woods tart. I smelled this in the store but didn’t like it enough to get it. I had it last year when it was called something else, and think I ended up giving it away or something. This just isn’t my type of scent.


      • Foodie here too! I like some fruity stuff during the summer, and I love seasonal scents but it’s still foodie seasonal stuff I lean towards. I’m not a fan of florals, but oddly enough hubby is.

  2. I’m not sure about the Yankee scents being discontinued…maybe the comments/other people’s posts on the Yankee Facebook page might hold some answers?

    These Walmart tarts are so hit or miss it seems…maybe I won’t go to Walmart after all!

  3. […] While organizing a few things in my new apartment, I found my stash of “husband-approved” tarts and wax cubes that I decided to finish off. One of those wax cubes is Snowy Winter Woods from the Better Homes & Garden line. I reviewed this back in January 2013 and was ultimately disappointed. You can read that review here: […]

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