Holiday Spice Rack (BH&G)

With this sale at Walmart, I have an abundance of BH&G wax cubes to review! All the Holiday wax cubes were $1 at Walmart….but I hear that they are 75% now (meaning $.50 each!!!!!!)!

Holiday Spice Rack

The Scent: A mix of warm and aromatic spices. I smell clove,  cardamom, cinnamon, allspice, and ginger. It’s unique to any other spice scent I’ve tried before! B+

The Throw: This one was very light as well. It was stronger than the Snowy Winter Woods dud…but this one did not blow me away! C-

I am finding that these BH&G wax cubes are grand slam hit or miss….….they either blow me away with throw, or are disappointing duds!

Overall, I wouldn’t get Holiday Spice Rack again!

-Kari Ann-

PS: I just made my first ever order with the Front Porch Company! Thank you for your reviews for the online vendors!!!!!



  1. I sniffed this one a couple different times in the store but was never thrilled. It seemed sort of blah, like really warm-spice but just sort of bland. Bummer that it was light on top of it.


    • I passed this one (at regular price), but thought I’d give it a chance…..I should have trusted my instincts!

      I wanted Spicy Cinnamon Stick…but it was regular price and I was in a bargain-hunting mood. This one was not even close to cinnamon stick!

      Which ones have you tried from this holiday season? I’m wondering if I should go back for the ones I passed up…like Spiced Rum cake.

      -Kari Ann-

      • I didn’t buy many this year, most of what I did get were repeats from last year’s scents … the eggnog one, Chocolate Peppermint Truffles (LOVE!!!!), the Frosty Peppermint one. I had a pack of Gingerbread left from last year but found I didn’t like it this year. I also bought Fresh Frasier Fir but found I didn’t like that one either. I just wasn’t into pine scents this year, I guess. And I bought the Spiced Rum Cake when it came down to $1.00 but haven’t melted it yet.

        The other ones, I just wasn’t thrilled with. The Christmas mix ones seemed all the same to me. Huge bummer this year.


      • The ones i’ve tried have been mostly disappointing. i kind of wish they focused on a few scents rather than release so many!

        That Fir one by the way could not be found anywhere! People were buying them as soon as it was restocked. I actually never even saw it! Good to know it wasn’t anything too special!

        -Kari Ann-

      • It was a really strong, fresh evergreen scent. It wasn’t bad, and the menfolk in my house really liked it. I wish it would have been a bit lighter though. (That sounds crazy, wanting a *lighter* scent?!)


  2. Does Holiday Spice Rack smell anything like Kitchen Spice from Yankee??

    You ordered Front Porch!! YAY! Welcome to the world of online vendors! What did you end up getting? If you ever want to do a swap, let me know. 🙂

    Thanks for the shout-out, too!

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