Spiced Apple Wreath (BH&G)

This one is just okay to me.

spiced apple wreath

The Scent: Cold it was great, but lit it seemed almost bland to me. It was a cinnamon and apple scent with a hint of pine. It wasn’t bad, just something about this scent makes it boring to me. B-

The Throw: just average. B-

Maybe it’s just me, but this scent just did nothing for me….I’d urge anyone who likes apple-cinnamon scents to check it out and judge for themselves….maybe I’m just being picky. I think I was hoping for something similar to YC’s Red Apple Wreath and to be honest, this one pales in comparison (IMHO).

-Kari Ann-



  1. I thought this was rather bland whenever I sniffed it in the store so I never did get this one. I was quite disappointed with the BH&G Christmas scents this year. The ones I *did* get were just a couple that were repeats from last year anyway.


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