Paradise Spice

paradise spice

I love this new scent from Yankee Candle!

The Scent: To me, it smells like creamy banana with some clove! The hint of vanilla with the banana is awesome. It reminds me of Canary Island Banana (A World Journey) but with an added spiciness.  A-

The Throw on this votive was medium. It gently filled up my living room and impressed me! B+

Overall, this new Spring 2013 candle is sure to be a new go-to island scent! I’m getting more of this one!

-Kari Ann-



  1. I was so focused on finding the Vanilla Satin items on clearance at BB&B yesterday that I completely forgot to sniff this one. While lying on my tummy trying to see if there were any more tarts hidden behind the Vanilla Cupcake boxes on the lowest shelf, an employee helpfully pointed out the sale items had been moved to an endcap facing the main aisle. He must be used to wacko YC fans 😀

    • Vanilla Satin on clearance at BB&B….That just made me excited….I hope I’d get lucky.

      Oh, and the same things happens at my local Homegoods…the workers are so used to seeing me they’ll sometimes tip me off where to go to score World Journeys!

  2. I saw the description of this on the site and was like ‘I have to get this one!’ Hubby and I stop at the Yankee Outlet every once in a great while, usually in the spring. I will look for this but the outlet usually only has new scents in the biggest sized candles.


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