WorldJourneyLovers collection updated!

Pictures speak 1,000 words….and that is true about this picture of WorldJourneyLover’s collection!

World Journey Lover's Collection Updated


Starting at the top going right to left: (Top row) Danish Butter Cookie, South American Rainforest, Hawaiian Lei, Carribbean Tradewinds, Sands of Bora Bora, New Zealand Wildberry, Tahitian Tiare Flower, South African Vineyard. (Second Row): Madagascar Spice, Brazilian Passionfruit, Sonoma Valley Red, Danish Butter Cookie, Sicilian Orange, French Lavendar, South African Vineyard, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Spice Island Holiday. (Third Row): Canary Island Banana, Egyptian Cotton, Himalayan Air, Sicilian Orange. (Fourth Row): Italian Christmas Biscotti, Christmas in Paris, Spice Island Holiday, South African Vineyard. (To the Right): Christmas in Paris and South African Vineyard.

Awesome collection! And thank for sharing it with us!

-Kari Ann-



  1. Oh wow I have aload of these tumblers too I have more of Danish butter cookie as its my favourite all time scent 🙂 I wish yankee bring it back

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