Front Porch Candle Company

Front Porch 1

My very first online candle vendor order came in about 2 weeks ago from the Front Porch Candle Company! I got 8 of the grubby tarts, which were $1.75 each and came with free shipping! (All Front Porch orders come with Free shipping). My order took about 10 days to come in, but it was around the New Year’s holiday.

I have now tried 3 of these grubby tarts and I must say that I am impressed. The throws are strong and do last for 2 tealights (~8 hours). the one I am reviewing today (the first one I tried), though, was a miss for me.

Chocolate Iced Cupcakes

Front porch 2 Front porch 3

The scent description from the site is: “Chocolate Iced Cupcakes-(In House Blend) Chocolate Iced Vanilla Cupcakes…need I say more…Yum!”

My scent description: Something was off or artificial to me on this one. If you read my last post, then you know my disclaimer: I hate chocolate scents! I know, i know…I did order it and used it as my first Front Porch experience! I think I’m always hoping for a good chocolate scent…and I do love cupcakes……but this one was slightly nauseating to me. I would not get this one again! D+

The throw: was strong! Although i hated the scent, I did appreciate the quality! B+

Look out for my next review….because the second one I tried is a new favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Kari Ann-



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