Toffee Crunch during Nemo!

Toffee Crunch2

I just got back from shoveling the 2 feet of snow we got last night! I have my Yankee Candles all over the house…but luckily we still have power. there is a very tilted power line two houses down from me….so I’m prepared for an outage!

in the meantime….Toffee Crunch has been a favorite!

The Scent: Similar to Salted Caramel……but more sweet and the toffee does have that slightly nuttier scent than the caramel. It’s very nice and satisfies a sweet tooth! A-

The Throw: Pretty good….I had heard this one was light, but it filled up the living room! I’d give it a solid B+ and definitely would get this one again!

My shoulders hurt from all this shoveling! Time to get some hot cocoa!

-Kari Ann-



  1. Are you alright, everyone and everything okay after the storm??

    I dropped the ball on Toffee Crunch this year…wanted to go pick some up in store and they were gone, came home and they were sold out online. BLAH! I am so glad you got one!!

    • The storm was CRAZY, but everyone I know is okay and have power back! I got a 4 day weekend out of it, so that was nice!

      I did love Toffee Crunch, but I think BBW’s Salted Caramel is a bit better…so you really didn’t miss anything new…..but if it comes back, I’m getting more!!!

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