Cotton Candy Cookies (Front Porch)

Cotton Candy Cookies

The third scent I tried from Front Porch Candle Company was Cotton Candy Cookies. This one definitely satisfied my childhood sweet tooth.

The Scent: Sweet cotton candy that you would get from the state fair. It smells very sweet and is similar to the cotton candy body spray from Candies. I didn’t really detect any cookie or bakery note, but the cotton candy goodness was spot on! B+

The Throw: While I do wish that this one was a bit stronger, I was satisfied. It was a light-medium that carried far but was definitely subtle. This one did last a while! B

So I liked this one…but I’m not entirely in love with it. It definitely smelled like sweet pink cotton candy, but I think this one deserves to be burned in the summer, not during the winter!


I also want to rave about the Limited Edition Cupid’s Blend coffee at Target. This one is amazing….a bold coffee with a hint of chocolate! I must stock up!

-Kari Ann-



  1. YOUR NAILS!!!!!!!!!! So cool!!

    Cupid’s Blend sounds amazing!

    I have a 4 pack of Cotton Candy Cookies from FP calling my name…I might need to add one to the Vanilla Bean Noel I have warming right now! 🙂

    • ooo, i didn’t even think of using the cotton candy for mixology.!!! My sister-in-law loved this one….I’ll probably get her some for her birthday!

      But now i’m thinking…what if cotton candy was mixed with vanilla or maybe even an apple…it would smell just like the 4th of July parade near me!!!!!

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