Yankee Candle Plug-ins

I always have a plug-in freshener near my cat’s litter box. I used to use Yankee Candle plug-ins, but I will admit that it good kind of pricy. With a good sale, it was maybe $5 per refill and it’d last about a month on a medium setting.

I switched over to Airwick this summer for half the price, but I haven’t been too satisfied. Some of the Airwick plugins are excellent (like the coconut breeze scent), but others are useless (vanilla sugar cookies).

Last weekend, I decided to give the plug-ins at Yankee another shot. They have a new(er) design, where you can buy a colorful unit separately. They are 4/$20….so I got 1 unit and 3 plug-ins. Still kind of pricy, but I suppose I could have tried to find a coupon!

plugin 1 plugin2 plugin 3

The first thing I noticed (but have no proof) is that the oil units seem smaller. This may just be me being critical, but if it worked well, I wouldn’t mind.

I went home and popped in Pink Sands. After a few hours, the wonderfully tropical scent of melon and warm beach sand filled my cat’s area. Wow was I impressed!

However, about 2 days ago, I realized that I couldn’t smell it anymore. And it’s not just my nose used to the scent! When I walk from outside into my apartment, I can always smell the Pink Sands….until 2 days ago!

Yup, after 1 week of use, my unit died. I had it set on the medium setting and have over 3/4ths the oil left.

I am going to move it to a new outlet and try to ramp it up to high…..but I’m pretty sure this $5 plug-in is already useless.

Sigh, I’ll give updates, but I’m going to probably return the unit and try a new one.

Such a bummer 😦

-Kari Ann-



  1. I find the Bath and Body Works Wallflowers Fragrance bulbs are the best. They last for months and are usually on sale every few months. Plus they have such great base units. I have one that’s been working for over a year. I want it to die so I can replace it with one of the new flower plugs. Also, I now buy their candles instead of Yankee Candles. I have been so disappointed with the lack of scent and very weak throw. Seems YC has dropped the ball. The BBW candles are the best,

  2. I am very unhappy with my first time use of the yankee plug in….. can not get them to work. I hace tried everything…… like there is much to try. Hmmmmmm HELP

    • I have had bad luck with the YC plug-ins. I don’t like their units…and the scents are hit or miss (either it completely fills up your room or you never smell it.) And both times I tried them, the units died after one use. I haven’t tried them again in a while, but they were a waste of money for me 😦 Sorry you’ve having the same luck! I think you can return them (a hassle, but they should take back a bad product!)

  3. Has anyone got sick from these plug-ins? Within hrs of plugging in started sneezing,headache,shortness of breath.. Took Me 5 days to realize it was the plug in..

    • Hi Kathy – I am not sure but I could see it being completely possible. I’ve had sensitivities to some of the scents in the past. Anything with the ‘salt air’ scent gives me a head-ache and makes me feel nauseous. Yikes – hope you feel better!

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