London Calling (Tea & Lemon)

RUN to Bath and Body Works to get this scent…if they have any left!


The Scent: Is incredible! Black tea and lemon. It’s perfectly amazing! If you like tea…or were a fan of YC’s Tea and Honey….this one is for you!!!!!!!! A+

The Throw: Packs a powerful punch! This one can even throw when it’s not lit! A

Overall, this is HANDS DOWN one of my favorite scents! I truly hope to see this one stay around for a while because I want more!!!!!!!

-Kari Ann-



  1. Thanks! I’ve been so curious about this one but dreaded making a trip to the mall to check it out. Can you compare it to YC Tea & Honey? I used to love that one but kind of burned out on it (so to speak!).

    • Hi! The tea note in this candle is really close to Tea & Honey. They are different though since the lemon note is strong (but not over-powering!) So far, London Calling is the closest replacement scent I’ve found to Tea & Honey!

      lol burned out on it! Love that!

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