New World Journeys!

I haven’t been to a Homegoods in a few months and found myself in the same emporium as one….of course I thought “why not just peek my head in?”

I’m sooo glad I did because I found two new World Journeys!


They had 4 each of these beauties in a  larger tumbler ($9.99)…and Jenna’s birthday is tomorrow…so I COULDN’T pass them up!


Appalachian Daisy smelled like a nice white floral. I’m not a floral person, so this was just ‘meh’ to me…but boy did it smell strong cold! This is  the third United States-themed World Journey to come out…so that was kind of neat! (Others: Hawaiian Lei and Sonoma Valley Red). It truly did scream SPRING. The closest current YC scent would possibly be the Peony candle currently in stores and online!


Spas of Thailand was much more of my type of scent. To me, it smelled like a combo of Island Spa and Beach Wood from Yankee Candle. Cold, it did smell light…but I’ve never been disappointed by a World Journey’s throw so far!

My Homegoods also had: South African Vineyard, Himalayan Air, Egyptian Cotton, Malaysian Palm, and French Lavender.

Happy Hunting!




  1. You’re not helping my wax ban here! LOL. Malaysian Palm was another one I found at the outlet this month. I got chatting with the clerk about why some WJs are so hard to find, and he said sometimes the specific fragrance oils they use disappear and they end up having to restrict production or discontinue them completely if they can’t find another vendor.

    • I’ve always wondered that! Thanks Kate!!! I’m so happy you found that out…because there’s always those few you can only find on Ebay!

      Hehe….I have a wax ban too (only tarts and votives, no jars!)!!! I only bought these two for Jenna (loop hole?) I hope she burns them soon so I’ll know how they throw!

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