Red Velvet Cakes

I LOVE red velvet cake. It’s delicious…especially the cream cheese frosting!

I apparently HATE red velvet cake scents….

red velvet cake

Front Porch Candle Company’s Red Velvet Cake was gross! It must have had the same chocolate oils as the chocolate cupcake one…because all I could smell was that fake and awful chocolate scent! I have to stop thinking I’ll like a chocolate scent…because I’m almost always disappointed!

red velvet cake car

The Red Velvet Cake car freshener from Yankee Candle was just okay. It was MUCH better than the chocolate layer cake scent…but I’m still not in love with it.

I will note that I like the actual candle scent of Red Velvet Cake by YC…..but the car freshener version just isn’t working for me!

-Kari Ann-


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