The good and the bad

I must admit that I’m playing a bit of catch-up with my reviews….work has been crazy! I’m giving a talk at a local high school tomorrow and had a huge paper due today…..whew, it’s been a busy few weeks!

The Bad

celtic moonspice

This scent didn’t have a description on Front Porch, but I’m Irish and thought it’d be a fun St. Patrick’s day scent! Well I tried this one a bit early and was disappointed…….it had no scent! There was a hint of clove and bread…but that was basically it! A big let down!

The Good

cinnamon frosting1

I loved Cinnamon Frosting! It was a bit on the light side…but carried well and was DELICIOUS! The sweet cinnamon with creamy dashes of vanilla and cream were in perfect harmony! I loved this scent and hope it comes back next year!!!!! The scent was an A+ and the throw a B!

-Kari Ann-



    • Maybe I got a dud? Celtic Moonspice had almost no scent! (Not just no throw…I could barely smell anything). It’s too bad…I was hoping it’d smell like Irish Soda Bread!

      I just tried the Blueberry Cupcake last night and it was amazing! I’m working out my next order 🙂 Free shipping makes it so much more tempting!

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