Blackberry Limeade (BH&G)

This scent is amazing!

Blackberry limeaid

The Scent: Tangy and sweet lime juice with freshly muddled black raspberries! It’s amazing! It’s kind of like combining the melted juices of those fruity popsicles that come in sets of two (and you break apart)! It is tropically, summery, fruity, sweet, and has just a hint of that zest from the lime. This is one of my favorite new scents! A+

The Throw: Was insanely good! It was strong and powerful, but not so strong it gave you a headache! It was just perfect! A+

This is one of those scents that EVERYONE should try! It will not disappoint!

PS: I love the new look of the Better Homes & Garden cubes!

-Kari Ann-



    • I think Blackberry Limeade is new…Walmart had a few scents with newer looking labels! Some were definitely returning scents, but this one and there was another I saw that I had never seen before!
      This one was so strong and good that the mailman knocked on my door to ask what I was making. He could smell it outside! And it wasn’t headache-inducing!

      This scent and Wild Berry Cheesecake are the two that I couldn’t live without!

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