Pacific Coconut (World Journeys)

I was holding on to this candle for a while…because sometimes I like a candle scent too much to light it!

Pacific Coconut

The Scent: You know that wonderful scent of freshly cleaned hair using coconut shampoo? This captures that! It smells like a crisp and fresh coconut scent with a hint of creaminess and a touch of vanilla bean. If you like Black Coconut or Coconut Bay, you’ll love this one! A-

The Throw: The scent itself is light-medium, but the throw carries so well! What I mean is that even though this scent was light, it filled up my entire living room! It created the perfect ambiance! Sometimes a light throw DOES NOT mean a weak throw! B

I just finished this guy up last night! I’ve been sick, so I haven’t been lighting candles (no sense of smell 😦 )…but I am glad I tried this one out!

-Kari Ann-




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