Bahama Breeze (Yankee Candle)

Warning: This is another plug-in review!

Bahama Breeze

First of all, I love this scent! It really does smell like you are drinking a tropical cocktail on an exotic beach! I was lucky enough to go to Barbados in the Summer of 2010 for a scientific research cruise (hard life, I know!)….This scent reminds me of the Boatyard, a bar that was open to nature and sat on the beach in Bridgeport, Bardados. It is fruity, summery, a tad boozey, and downright scrumptious!

However, this plug-in is still giving me problems! It works in “pulses.” Sometimes I can smell Bahama Breeze all over my apartment….other times nothing! (and no, I’m not just used to the scent!).

It’s like the plug-in works some days and not other days! So confusing!

But…I do love Bahama Breeze!

Once I finish with these Yankee Candle plug-ins, I’m switching to the Bath and Body Works Bulbs…HUGE THANKS to all the good reviews I got to try the BBW plug-ins! I’m excited to try them! they are on sale right now…so I’m browsing!

-Kari Ann-



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