Mmmmm, Bacon

Pictures have been creeping all over my facebook and on Ebay…..Yankee Candle is testing a new scent called Mmmm, Bacon at Deerfield (and maybe Virginia?).


I’m a vegetarian, so this doesn’t make me excited….but what are you’re thoughts!????

I also have heard about a Movie Theater (popcorn?) candle which I’d grab in a heart beat!

Just rumors…but thoughts!?

-Kari Ann-



  1. Bacon just doesn’t sound very good in a waxy format. Though I was pleasantly surprised with what they came up with for Schnitzel with Noodles, it seems to be mostly buttery noodle and no actual meat… thankfully LOL

    • My husband is begging me to let him get one when it comes out…I think it’s his ideal “boys night” scent. lol 🙂

      I am dying to know how it smells!

      Yay vegetarians! And non-vegetarians too!

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