Water Garden (Yankee Candle)

Happy Easter everyone! Today Rhode Island finally feels like spring!

To celebrate this excellent weather and wish away winter, I’ve been lighting Water Garden!

water garden

Water Garden is a retired scent that has been a spring or summer time rare treasure at Yankee Candle the past few years and is sometimes found at the outlets! This is the definition of a spring scent to me!

The Scent: I am not a floral girl, but I appreciate and enjoy the softness that this candle brings. There is a pleasant lily and lotus scent with hints of fresh water, greenery, and I even get a slight powdery perfume note. Yankee Candle classifies this scent as Fresh rather than Floral. I’d agree with that! While it is definitely smells like flowers, there is a freshness to it that makes it smell more like the fresh air in spring than just smelling a single bloom.

To me, Water Garden smells like you are at a small, remote, pond that is full of lily pads and a few water lilies and lotuses have just started to open! Grab a fishing rod, and try to cast over those lily pads! This scent reminds me of fishing at Indian Lake with my husband, a small lake in Wakefield, RI that we used to rent. B+

The Throw: Wow, this one throws strong and far! If you are looking for a scent to fill up a large room…look no further! This is it! It has been burning evenly, but the wax pool in mine is shallow. (That candle in the picture above had been lit for 5 hours……I grabbed the picture before I trimmed that wick!). A strong through with a shallow wax pool means a home run throw! A

I am enjoying this scent a lot! I’m also enjoying this jar! I’ve been on a tart kick, so it’s nice to have a candle last more than a few lights! (Unfortunately that means I don’t have a lot to review!)

-Kari Ann-



  1. I’m currently burning Sugared Flower Petals from the Spoon Full of Sugar collection as my spring scent. I guess this one would be too flowery/floral for you. πŸ˜‰

    • I wish I got to try more of the Spoonful of Sugar line…..I’ve only heard great things! (I tried Sugared Apple and loved it!)…but I do fear that Sugared Flowers Petals sounds too floral…but I bet it’s springy! πŸ™‚

      How does it throw?

      • I loved Sugared Apple, too!

        The throw of Sugared Flower Petals was pretty good actually — A- I’d say. It got a littly perfumey in the end though (which I don’t really like), so I wasn’t too sad when I finished it yesterday.

      • 😦 At first sniff, all the spoonful of sugar scents seemed light….I now know how wrong I was!
        Sugared Apple was incredible…I hope it comes back again this winter!

  2. All the Spoonful of Sugar scents were quite gentle/delicate (I hope you know what I mean) but they totally filled my apartment. I also had small jars of Sparkling Sugar and Warm Sugar which I’ve used up already some time ago.

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