Black Coconut

Black Coconut is one of the new Spring 2013 scents. They, by now, are old news since the Summer 2013 line-up is already in stores!

Black Coconut

The Scent: It is a tropically coconut scent with hints of the beach and salt and a slight hint of tropical flowers. I really enjoyed that this scent did NOT have vanilla or a creamy note to it. It made it less of a foodie pie scent and more of a coconut-scented air on an isolated island scent. It is classified as a Fresh scent, not a Food & Spice scent.

I like it, but I don’t love it as much as, say Coconut Bay (retired Yankee Candle) or Coconut Water and Coconut Leaves (Bath & Body Works). So, I’d say to check it out, but I wouldn’t get a large jar of it myself. B-

The Throw: Very poor. In fact, I may have even liked the scent better if I could have smelled it! This one is very light. I did only try a votive, so the tart/jars may be stronger! However, reviews of Black Coconut on Yankee Candle seem to all agree that the throw is on the soft side. C-

My review seems harsh….I actually do like this scent…just there were too many better coconut scents to compare it to (in my opinion!). I do, though, love that the color is black! I actually love the look of a dark or black candle (fits with my husband’s decorating preferences). It’s nice to have a non-cologne scented black candle!

-Kari Ann-



  1. The sampler votive I got during the holidays had horrible throw, so I chopped it into chunks and burned them in my tea light warmer. The throw was much better, and I ended up using a BB&B coupon to get the small 2-wick jar. It’s a pleasant backdrop kind of scent, though like you said, not an all-time great 🙂

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