Sahara Sun (World Journey)

I found this large jar of Sahara Sun at the check out for TJMaxx today! I was buying a Boston Bruins shirt when I noticed a whole bunch of World Journeys in that area where you stand in line to be checked out. Another new World Journey from Yankee Candle!

Sahara Sun

The scent is strange but pleasant…kind of like beach sand mixed with a hint of citrus….I think! It’s a complex scent! I hope someone can help me out here! It reminded me of Sun & Sand….but there seemed to be a slight orange note to it.

Anyways, my cat’s name is Sahara…so i had to get this candle for her!


I plan on trying it after Water Garden finishes off!

-Kari Ann-



    • Thanks! Sahara loves complements (high maintenance kitty!)

      Hmm, well, Sahara Sun reminded me of Sun and Sand with something else mixed in….I’m so lost on this scent description! Appalachian Daisy was similar to the Gardenia candle in the nice flower vase….and I swear that Thai Spa was Island Spa!

      So they all seemed at least similar to current YC scents…with an extra add in.

      What is that I smell in Sahara Sun???? lol

  1. I was able to find this at my TJMaxx today and I can’t put a thumb on the scent either but I like it!!

  2. Yes I was able to find a large tumbler of Appalachian Daisy two days ago! My TJMaxx has a ton of World Journeys in stock are looking for any?

  3. I have searched high and low for the wj sahara sun. Can not find it anywhere. I can find anything else but. It you can please let me know if it is still being sold near you. I have tried 1 home goods, 4 marshalls, and 2 tj maxx stores in my area within any luck.

  4. Hi! I recently found this in my Homegoods store and purchased it because , thanks to YOU! I’m collecting World Journeys! I found this and Sands of Bora Bora! I thought Sands of Bora Bora was Pink Sands but it smells a lot weaker. I haven’t burnt it yet. But to me, Sahara Sun had no scent at all! So I was shocked when the cashier, lifted the lid and inhaled and said she loved this scent! So yesterday I went to the SAS at Yankee and started smelling some of the scents in the spring line up. I picked up Napa Valley Sun and I SWEAR it is the same as Sahara Sun! The color of wax isn’t the same but the scent is. So I run home and look it up. Napa Valley Sun is amber with vanilla. I got out my Sahara Sun and finally burned it. It does smell like Amber and vanilla! And while the cold throw is very weak, the throw while burning is amazingly strong!!!!!!

    • Hi Norma! Sands of Bora Bora was excellent! I’m glad you thought it was similar to Pink Sands too…it is such a surprise how much stronger the throw is compared to the cold smell! For both Bora and Sahara Sun.

      I didn’t even think of Napa Valley Sun for Sahara Sun! I’ll have to do a sniff test! It was such a unique scent, my nose couldn’t relate it to anything in particular, but I could see the amber notes in it being the missing scent I couldn’t figure out! πŸ™‚ I saw Homegoods got in some more Sahara Sun and I’ve been torn if I should grab another! It’s a wonderful summer scent without being too beachy! πŸ™‚

      Thanks for the info and investigation! Goodluck with your World Journey treasure hunt! πŸ™‚

  5. I have to agree with Norma that Sahara Sun is the same fragrance as Napa Valley Sun, and it is one of my favourite Yankee Candle fragrances!

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