Cherry Lemonade (Second Rave review)

I know I’ve done reviews on Cherry Lemonade from Yankee Candle before…but I can’t help but make another!

Cherry Lemonade1

My husband picked this one out as part of the $1 tart sale…I indulged on getting a few! Wax ban broken 😦

Anyways, I love this scent!

The Scent: Delicious! You get that tart and sweet lemon burst with a dose of candied cherries! This one is excellent for summertime! It reminds me of the 4th of July in Bristol, Rhode Island (Home of the country largest Independence Day Parade). Just add a shot of vodka, and this scent is all I need to beat the summer heat! A

The Throw: HOMERUN! Just like the Red Sox! (I’m feeling my Boston roots today). The throw on this puppy is insanely good! Strong, far, and fills up a room! And the cold scent is identical to the lit scent! A+

If you like fruit scents, try this one! It’s a seasonal goodie!

-Kari Ann-



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