Iced Raspberry Sangria (BH&G)

It’s been a rough few days in the Northeast. Although I live in Rhode Island right now, I grew up just south of Boston. This manhunt for the second suspect occurring as I write will surely keep me distracted in work all day.

I always light candles….but I find in times of panic and terror, something as comforting as a candle can be warming.

One I tried yesterday was Iced Raspberry Sangria from the BH&G wax cube line from Walmart.

iced raspberry sangria

The Scent: It’s a nice raspberry scent with maybe a hint of red wine. I liked it very much, but there was a hint of artificial-ness to the raspberry scent. I didn’t mind it though! B

The Throw: Very decent! It didn’t blow me away, but it still filled up my kitchen! B

Overall, I probably won’t buy this one again…but I will enjoy melting the remaining wax cubes!


-Kari Ann-



  1. Walmart does not have Iced Raspberry Sangria from Better Homes and Gardens anymore. Where can I buy it at a decent price, i.e. as Walmart?

    • Hi Patti, Sorry, seems like Walmart and Scentsationals (the company that makes those Walmart wax cubes) discontinued Iced Raspberry Sangria. Scentsatonals online has some raspberry-based scents for a decent price. I’ll have to keep an eye out…I haven’t seen many other companies sell anything similar 😦

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