Ashland Key Lime Pie

Ashland candles are sold in Michael’s Craft Stores. They are often on sale for prices as low as 3 for $10 for a large jar! I’ve been scooping these cheap candles up for my wedding….but I have never actually tried them!

Currently, the bold green Key Lime Pie candle is on clearance for $2.50….so I though I should light it to test drive what my wedding will smell like (aka the quality of the throw and if the cold scent is the same as the lit scent).

Ashland Key Lime

The Scent: Is very delicious! It is a sweet and tart lime with a dash of vanilla and butter! The citrusy lime note is the strongest! It smells just like pie! And the cold and lit scent are identical! B+

The Throw: Is pleasantly, and perhaps surprisingly, good. It take a little while, but give it 30-60 minutes and my whole living area was fills with the smell of key lime pie! For under $5, this jar candle is just as strong as some of the ~$30 candles I’ve tried elsewhere! B+

This is just one of the many scents they carry…so I can’t speak for all the Ashland candles without trying a larger sample…but I can say that I’m impressed and will look to try more! Also, these candles will be great for my wedding (whew!)!

The only downside…..this guy is definitely tunneling! I’m note using foil hats at my wedding, so I’ll have to live with the tunneling!

-Kari Ann-



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