WallFlowers from Bath & Body Works

I owe a huge thanks to EVERYONE who recommended the WallFlower bulbs from BBW! (A bunch a people gave me the recommendation, but I know here was the first!)

I had been using the Yankee Candle plug-ins and they were terrible! I tried two different scents….and you NEVER would have known that I had anything plugged into my wall. I use plug-ins near my cat’s litter box…so I notice when a plug-in doesn’t work!

A few years ago, I only would use Yankee Candle! Remember when you had to buy refills as doubles in a box? Ever since Yankee Candle switched to the single bulbs, the quality seems to have gone down! Too bad! 😦 After over two months of giving Yankee Candle a chance, I decided to give another brand a try!


I fell in love with this adorable plug-in unit! It’s so cute and makes me feel ready for spring!

But how is the quality of the bulbs? AMAZING!


The first scent I’m trying is Island Margarita!

The Scent: Yummy! Fruity and sweet with some lime and salt! This is an excellent tropical treat! A

The Quality: Fantastic! After only ten minutes, my room filled up with the tropical scent that I had been missing with the Yankee Candle version! It fills up a large room without being overpowering or head-ache inducing! I cannot smell my cat’s litter box…so that’s success in my book! A

One thing I’ll note is that my plug-in unit does not allow the scent’s strength to be adjusted. YC and Airwick’s unit allows you to make the throw stronger or weaker depending on your preference. The weaker setting makes the oils in the plug in last longer and the strong setting uses them up faster.  It’s a nice option to have…but I’d much prefer a working unit with good throw one only one setting then a unit that has no throw but three different strength.

Yay! I love these Wallflower bulbs! 🙂

-Kari Ann-



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