Campfire Treats


Campfire Treats is one of the new summer 2013 scents at Yankee Candle.

The question I keep getting is: How does it compare to Fireside Marshmallow from BBW? My honest thoughts are that they are similar…but Yankee Candle’s has more a a sweetness to it while BBW’s is more smoky. That said, I liked them both.

The Scent: A gooey, sugary-sweet marshmallow with hints of smoke from a campfire. It does remind me of making S’mores…..except I use Fluff! (Marshmallows aren’t vegetarian, so I don’t toast marshmallows) Sigh….S’more making isn’t as fun for vegetarians! B+

The Throw: I was surprised and disappointed. I had heard that this scent was strong…but mine was very weak! Maybe I go a dud? I won’t declare Campfire Treats as having a weak throw until I try another…..but until I’m proved wrong….it gets a C-

So….let summertime begin!!!! 🙂

-Kari Ann-

PS: Sneak peak: I’m trying Salt Water Taffy tonight! Thanks Jenna!



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