Salt Water Taffy

Jenna was AMAZING and found this rare scent for me at a Bath & Body Works outlet! It was supposed to be part of last year’s American Boardwalk collection, but did not end up making it out of the test stores.

I wanted to try it sooo bad….and Jenna found me it! xoxoxo

Salt Water Taffy

My initial thoughts of it cold: It is actually quite similar to Gelato, one of the Bella Italy scents! (Which is awesome…because Gelato is incredible!)

The Scent: Strawberry and raspberry swirls of cream with some sugar….perhaps a touch of salt. It actually smells like the salt water taffy that is make in-house in in South Yarmouth (Cape Cod). It is very nice and reminds me of the New England Boardwalks during summer! A

The Throw: I do wish it was a bit stronger…but I think my wick is to blame. The wick is thin, so the tumbler tunnels. Once I added a foil hat and got a wax pool, the scent began to lightly fill up my living room!!!! Yay! B


So for anyone wishing to find/try this scent…grab a Gelato from BBW! It’s close to this scent and still very yummy!

-Kari Ann-



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