Sahara Sun (World Journey)

My cat Sahara just got spayed…and I’ve been busy helping her recover!

To cheer her up, I decided to try out Sahara Sun, the new Yankee Candle World Journey!

Sahara Sun Lit

Look at that wax pool! This is a great-burning candle!

The scent is on the light side, with pulses of stronger intensity (Throw gets a B- from me). The scent is still hard to describe, but it is reminiscent of beach sand that has been scorched by the hot summer sun…aka, it’s a nice summery scent! Sahara and I have both been enjoying it! (The scent gets a B from me).

I just wish the throw was a tad stronger….BUT, this is an interesting scent that I encourage others to sniff! Look out at Homegoods for this one!

-Kari Ann-



  1. I saw this at Homegoods a few months back but was trying to be good and didn’t grab it. Now that the weather is warmer I’m realizing I don’t have enough light scents so I think I need to see if it’s still there.

    • Goodluck! It’s a surprisingly good scent! But I still can’t quite place what it is!

      I haven’t seen it since…but I’ve only been to Homegoods once or twice in the last month! 🙂

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