Banana Blueberry (Yankee Candle)

I love the summer collect at Yankee Candle right now….five popsicle inspired scents were released. I was trying to remember the name of this collection, but I can’t even find them online…which I interpret as them being sold out already!

Jenna bought my husband and I two of these for the wedding shower: Banana Blueberry and Pina Colada. I haven’t made a post in a while mainly because this scent (and Sahara Sun) have been the only two I’ve been burning…that’s over 200 hours of candle time! hahah

Banana blueberry 3

Banana Blueberry 2

Banana Blueberry1

The Scent: I love this candle! It smells very much like banana runts mixed with a blueberry slushie. Jenna doesn’t like this scent much, she thinks it’s too artificial smelling. I agree 100% with her: it is very artificial, but that’s what I like about it! It smells like all those fruity candies I loved as a kid in the summer! I love this scent and wish it was available in tarts! A-

The Throw: This candle surprised me with it’s throw. Even unlit it can be smelled in my small kitchen lightly! When lit, it gives off pulses of varying strength….which I am fine with because just as I get used to the scent (meaning I don’t notice it), the throw will pick up and remind me of how lovely this summery candle is! It could be a bit stronger and consistent, but I’m very happy with it! B

-Kari Ann-



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