Pinecone and Lime

yup…I’m burning out of season! Pinecone and Lime was one of the Holiday 2012 new scents…and I honestly don’t know if it’ll be back this year or not! My initial thoughts…..meh, it’s a typical pine scent.

Pinecone and Lime

The Scent: As mentioned above, it was pine-y…which is what I wanted! If you’re looking for a fresh pine scent, this one will not disappoint. However, I was disappointed by how weak the lime component was! If Yankee Candle amped up the citrus, this one would have been a home run! B-

The Throw: As with most Yankee Candle pine scents, the throw was great on this one! It was a medium and filled up my living area! B+

So it’s just okay…I prefer Balsam and Cedar (personally) 🙂 But my husband liked it!

At least it delayed us having to get that bacon candle (mike wants one soooo bad)!

Meanwhile at the Semi Annual Sale:

Midsummer's Night

Car Jars are 75% off….making this classic ~$1.50!


More to come later!

-Kari Ann-



  1. This mix sounded really interesting, but if there needs to be more citrus, it’s basically just a pine scents then! I like Balsam and Cedar…sad to hear this needed more lime!

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