Salted Caramel (New Yankee Candle)

The 6 new fall scents are available in tarts and votives online and in stores at Yankee Candle! I scooped some up 🙂

Salted Caramel was the first to catch my eye….my first impression: it is very similar to Bath and Body Work’s famous Salty Caramel!

Salted Caramel

The scent: Buttery, but a hint of molasses, caramel! It smells similar to those chewy caramel candies! It is similar to B&BW’s Salty Caramel EXCEPT that this one doesn’t have that slight toffee scent. Instead, it has a tasteful dash of dark cocoa powder! This one is great! I’d love to try mixing it with an apple scent 🙂 It is very different than Creamy Caramel…i think that cocoa and sea salt notes make this one seem warmer! B+

The throw: Wow! Great throw on this one! I’d say a medium strength….it filled up my living area nicely! Both the tart and votive give a good throw! A-

I’m loving this one!!!!!

-Kari Ann-


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