Lake Sunset

Lake Sunset is another Fall 2013 scent at Yankee Candle that I recently tried.

I loved the idea of this scent…my husband and I lived on a lake for two years (we were very lucky to find this rental)…so I just had to try it. My spoiler alert thoughts…it’s nice, but nothing special!

Lake Sunset

The Scent: Subtly fresh..this one is difficult to describe…even the Yankee Candle website scent description is cryptic. The scent is slightly musky…but much more light and fresh than Midsummer’s Night. It’s nice, but doesn’t capture a lake at sunset (to me at least)! B-

The Throw: Is okay….it definitely filled up my room, but wasn’t a wow factor. I’d give it a solid medium throw. B+

Overall…this scent was unique, but nothing that blew me away. It was soft and pleasant, and even warm, but just didn’t read Autumn or Lake to me. I’d suggest everyone give it a sniff 🙂

-Kari Ann-


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