Hazelnut Coffee

As far as coffee scents go, Hazelnut Coffee is one of the most successful and delicious candles readily available. Yankee Candle hit a homerun with this scent!

I’ve explained in an earlier blog that most coffee scented candles end up discontinued or retired. Examples include Cafe au Lait from both Yankee Candle and Bath & Body Works. Most of us are addicted to coffee…….so why isn’t it more popular? I think the answer is that coffee on it’s own is boring…but when you add other scents, like hazelnut, it becomes a delectable smash!

Hazelnut Coffee

The Scent: Freshly ground coffee beans with notes of nutty hazelnut, creamy milk, vanilla, and cocoa powder! This is an excellent study scent….a scent that you can light at any time of the day and feel motivated! But, I do prefer to burn this in the fall and winter…..it meakes me feel warm and cozy! A

The Throw: Excellent! This is one of Yankee Candle’s shinning stars! It had a nice throw and carried to fill up my living area. It’s not their strongest throw…but it surely is fantastic! In other words, you will smell this wonderful scent! A-

This scent is a Yankee Candle classic, so it is available all year…..but I recommend you try a tart. Labor Day is coming in a few months….which means $1 tarts and votives!

-Kari Ann-


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