Coconut Bay

This is not a typical review…more of a mini rant!

A lot of people were shock, mad, and disappointed last summer when Coconut Bay was retired from Yankee Candle’s summer line-up…..but I felt none of those emotions….and here’s why:

Coconut Bay smells incredible cold. It is a warm, creamy, tropical coconut scent with dashes of vanilla. It’s amazing…BUT…IT HAS NO THROW!

I’ve tried this scent a dozen times with no success! It’s so light that it should just be labeled as scentless!

coconut bay

Even this car fresher lasted about 10 minutes of light scent before it completely disappeared!

So, I love the cold scent of Coconut Bay, but I hate that you can’t smell it! I hope others have had more luck with this one, because it is so promising! I just hope Yankee Candle tackles this scent again, and gives it an actual throw!

-Kari Ann-


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