Fresh Mint

I was so disappointed when I saw Fresh Mint as part of this summer’s Semi-Annual Sale at Yankee Candle…it’s been one of my favorites, even though it could have a better throw. It is a true and fresh mint garden scent that will cool you down on a warm summer’s day!

Fresh Mint

The Scent: A true mint plant! You still get the notes of cool spearmint, but you also get the hints of green and even rainwater! This scent is more organic smelling (as in you smell a mint plant and not just a candy cane). If you like fresh herbs or mint juleps, this scent will bring a smile to your face! A-

The Throw: As I mentioned above, this scent would be a knockout for me if the throw was stronger. You still will smell this one! It lightly filled up my living room…but it just isn’t a wow factor! While the scent is great…the throw is a light medium as a jar or tart! To me, a throw like this isn’t worth nearly $30…but after a coupon it’s totally worth it!!! B-

I urge everyone to try out this scent…..a light throw just means it will be a background scent….which is excellent for a kitchen or bathroom. Hopefully this one just seasonally retired…anyone know? It is listed at full price online right now….so maybe I just found some “discount pours”?

-Kari Ann-



  1. I should give this a try. I’ve been worried that it would smell too much like chewing gum or something LOL. They had the candles and tarts at Bed Bath & Beyond for full price this weekend, so hopefully the tarts you found were just overstock or whatever.

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