Pink Sangria (Bath & Body Works)

I’ve tried Pink Sangria many times before…..because I love the scent! It’s got that nice tropical fruit scent with hints of citrus and maybe even vanilla! And what a throw it has! The first time I tried it was in the mini…and it filled up my entire bathroom with a medium throw! I knew I had found a summertime favorite!

Well, this review is not on the wonderful scent…its on quality and wax pools.

Pink Sangria

I bought this medium jar last year when Bath & Body Works were having wick issues. This wick kept on ashing….and created a tiny flame that couldn’t form a wax pool and kept tunneling.

Tiny wax pool = Tiny throw

Pink Sangria is no longer listed on BBW’s site, so I stuck with this candle despite it’s obvious poor quality. (Sorry that the picture is so blurry!) The wick kept turning light gray and would crumble upon touch. I have never had this happen before!


Meanwhile: Bath & Body Works candles are currently 2/$22 and they have a new Pumpkin Apple candle. I am dying to know if it smells like the Yankee Candle version. Also, Pumpkin Carving is available for anyone would wanted to try out that scent!

-Kari Ann-


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