Almond Cookie

Me want cookies!!!!!!! I love Almond Cookie!!!!!!!!!!!

Whew, got excited there! Almond Cookie is one of my all time favorites from Yankee Candle! But they retired it last winter (BOOOOOOOOO!). Luckily, I found a few tarts during the SAS.

Almond Cookie

The French name of the candle underneath the English means this was an overstock scent from the Canadian Yankee Candles. (Thank you Canada!)

The Scent: Buttery, nutty, sweet, freshly baked goodness! This scent is the most delicious shortbread-Almond cookie you will ever smell! A

The Throw: Stellar! This is the type of scent that will trick your neighbors into thinking you’re a gourmet baker! A-

I have reviewed this scent before…but I wanted to refresh everyone’s memory…This is one of the best cookie scents on the market…ever!

-Kari Ann-



  1. Aaah, I LOVE Almond Cookie – it’s one of my favorite food scents!

    Interesting label/sticker.

    PS: I know I’m very late (Sorry!) but I wish you all the best for your marriage! 🙂

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