Target Summer Clearance

It’s that time of year again! Target has put some of it’s summer/spring scents on clearance.  Jars and tumblers of a few of their seasonal scents are 50% off!

A few caught my eye…but I did not purchase any since I have just soooo many candles right now!

Target 1

I was many in love with these triple scented candles…what a fun idea!

Target 2

This candle REALLY tempted me! Apple Blossom is a wonderful scent that I’ve tried as a votive. The sweetness of the apple and light floral and green notes make this a spring staple. Island Citrus is….well I’m bias…I love citrus, so it’s a homerun! And Sun-Kissed Leaves is a rainforest-like scent…fresh and slightly floral. This Spring Trio smelled wonderful.

Target 3

This Spring Trio is floral overload to me! Yikes! But if you like floral scents, keep you eye out!

Target 4

Lastly, I just noticed this Coconut Lime scent. It is NOT on sale, but it smells just like the Yankee Candle swirl Lime in Da Coconut! It was wonderful!

Happy Hunting!

-Kari Ann-


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