Yankee Candle Holiday 2013 Scents

Jenna and I had some MAJOR finds at our local Yankee Candle Outlet this weekend! We were blown away by some of the new holiday and Halloween scents we found!

1) Turkey and Stuffing: This one was not for me (I’m a vegetarian). I took a quick sniff and it did smell like that half hour right before Thanksgiving dinner is to be served. You know, when the turkey has just been pulled out to rest and all the fixings are being heated on the stove top. If only Yankee could master the scent of Tofurkey! This one will stay hidden from the hubby.

Turkey and Stuffing


2) Honey & Spice: Okay, this may not be a new scent, but I’ve never seen it before! Wow was this one nice! Sweet honey spiked with anise and clove! Yummy! It smells like a great start for a cup of tea!

Honey & Spice


3) Season of Peace: I actually loved this fresh scent. It reminded me a bit of Sparkling Snow (clean, fresh, almost like frosty soap) with maybe a dash of mint (might have been my mind playing tricks!). It was definitely the smell of the first snow fall….and I love the picture!

Season of Peace


4) Rustic Red and Vibrant Orange: I had never scene these autumn colors-themed candles. The design made me think these guys may pop up at Homegoods and not the main Yankee Candle stores. Rustic Red smelled earthy and crisp while Vibrant Orange smelled liked fallen leaves with hints of spicy orange. I suppose there should be a yellow and maybe brown somewhere!

Rustic Red Vibrant Orange


5) Cider Web: Okay, this one isn’t new…but it is amazing! It smells like freshly pressed, warm apple cider with a stick of spicy cinnamon!

Cider Web

6) Pumpkin Potion: This one also isn’t new…BUT it is Vanilla Pumpkin. This amazing fall scent is retired from Yankee Candle….so it’s nice to see it some back!

Pumpkin Potion


7) Poison Apple: Okay, this one also came out lat year…..but again, this is a retired scent: Granny Smith Apple. This one FLEW off the shelves last year, so I was happy to snag it!

Poison Apple


8) Celebrate Christmas: I loved this wonderfully warm and festive scent! It smelled like gingerbread cookies with some fresh spices, and apple toddy. Wow was this wonderful. I liked it better than Home for the Holidays!

Celebrate Christmas


9) Merry Marshmallow: Yummy, gooey, sweet marshmallow…and look how cute this label is!

Merry Marshmallow


I also bought and smelled Snowflake Cookie…which smelled just like Danish Butter Cookie, but with buttercream frosting!

A huge thank you to my friend Pam, who bought me a whole bunch of candles, and the Boney Bunch wedding taper holding!!!


-Kari Ann-



  1. Turkey and Stuffing??? WHAT??? I eat meat and that’s just insane, LOL!

    Seasons of Peace has such a gorgeous label!

    Celebrate Christmas sounds really lovely, I wish we could get an outlet out here on the west coast!

    The label for merry marshmallow is so, so adorable. That scent sounds fabulous.

    • I agree 100%! I was with a few meat eaters who wouldn’t even smell Turkey & Stuffing!
      The really wonderful sales associate told me that it had been selling well since it’s the replacement for Be Thankful! I guess it’s been selling well!

      I still don’t understand why there are no outlets on the west coast!!!! Seems silly to me!

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