Tropical Cowgirl (CFTKR)

I can’t lie, I bought Tropical Cowgirl solely based on the name.

But, I also read the description of this scent on Candles from the Keeping Room, and thought it was worth a try….even if it was only available is the larger wax size.

“Warm and sweet this scent will tease the senses with exotic fruit tones. Sweet, ripe mango balances with juicy papaya for a perfect tropical delight. Acai berry accents this fruity sensation and brings this blend to a fabulous finish”

Tropical Cowgirl Tropical Cowgirl2

The Scent: It’s not bad…kind of like a tropical blended mix drink….the mango, papaya, and maybe a dash of pineapple is very nice and will transport you to a tropical island. I don’t understand where the “cowgirl” aspect comes from! B

The Throw: was a bit disappointing, but definitely not a dud. Compared to the others I’ve tried from CFTKR, Tropical Cowgirl was one of the weakest. It was still detectable and did lightly fill up my living area, but I wish it had been stronger! Perhaps it was also because I liked the scent, but didn’t love it (aka I might be bias!) B-

Overall, it was okay….if you like tropical scents, this one will be great for you….but the throw still leaves you wanting something a bit stronger!

-Kari Ann-


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