Whole Wheat (CFTKR)

I’m still  (slowly) trying out my order from Candles from the Keeping Room. The next I’ve tried was Whole Wheat. This one was amazing!

Whole Wheat Whole Wheat2

The Scent: Yummy, freshly baked bread! My husband is really big into making bread from scratch (we got a bread maker about a year ago)…so I’ve been spoiled. I have freshly made bagels and flatbreads at least once a month!

Whole Wheat from CFTKR smells like my kitchen when the bread is baking in the oven! It reminds me of French Baguette from Bath and Body Works! A-

The Throw: Very nice….this was the type of scent that gently filled up my living area with the warm smell of baking bread! B+

This is the type of scent I would consider re-ordering!

-Kari Ann-



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