New World Journeys: Alaskan Lights and California Redwood

So I was told there were two new World Journeys at Homegoods! (Thank you to everyone who messaged me!)

Yesterday, I had to make the long (15 minute drive) to the University of Rhode Island main campus from my small Bay Campus. Anyways, I popped into the nearby Homegoods to treasure hunt…and I found them! Both fit right in with autumn!

Homegoods 1 Homegoods 2 Homegoods 3

California Redwood smelled, well, like redwood! It had an oak and cedar smell, very much a natural/fresh scent. This was probably my favorite of the two.

Alaskan Lights: Smelled to me like YC’s retired Evening Air. It was masculine and also a fresh scent.

So, both the new world journeys have a masculine and fresh scent that is extremely autumnal! I am on both a wax ban and tight wallet….so I passed them up!

Homegoods 4

I will say that WOW was the selection of fall and Halloween candles HUGE at this Homegoods! I also caved in and bought this Woodwick in Carnival Treats (Smelled like BBW’s Summer Boardwalk…candy apple, taffy, caramel!) But it was $15. The World Journey’s were also more expensive than the competitor candles of the same size: large is now $13 and medium is $10. But it’s still way cheaper than regular price at a Yankee Candle store OR outlet!

Homegoods 5

Lastly, the Yankee Candle Halloween scents weren’t with the candles, but in the Halloween section! 🙂

Now I have to get back to work! My coffee break is over!

Happy Hunting!

-Kari Ann-


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