Scentbeads Car Freshener

Today is going to be a long day……I just got back a huge data set that I have to put into a paper I’m writing. Urg, I’ve spent so much time on this manuscript and and so ready to have it be complete!

Anyways, last week I put a Scentbeads car freshener in my car. I had bought it for around $.70 at the SAS at Yankee Candle. Boy do I wish I got more!

The new(er) gel car fresheners from Yankee Candle are terrible….all that I’ve tried have given off zero scent! Since they changed their design last year, I’ve hated them!

This Scentbeads car freshener has been giving off a solid performance all week!


The scent is coconut & mango, which is a tropical paradise of a scent! It is the perfect balance between the two!

So, in my opinion, these hanging Scentbeads car fresheners are way better than the gel fresheners from Yankee Candle!

-Kari Ann-



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