Strawberry Flapjacks (CFTKR)

Strawberry Flapjacks was one of the free samples I got from my order through Candles from the Keeping Room. I liked this one a lot!

Thank you to CFTKR because this free sample was one of my favorites so far!

Strawberry Flapjacks Strawberry Flapjacks2

The scent descriptions from CFTKR’s website is: “a sweet blend of our fresh picked strawberries and our infamous flapjack..takes Sunday breakfast to a whole new level.” I couldn’t agree more! I’m the type that loves to put the strawberry sauce on my pancakes instead of butter or maple syrup…and this reminded me of that scent….fluffy and warm pancakes with fresh strawberries! I really liked this scent! Definitely the best strawberry-based scent I’ve come across because it wasn’t artificial smelling at all! A-

The Throw: Was very good! It was a good medium through that completely filled my living area! B+

Overall, this was a very happily-received free sample of a scent that I would definitely order again!

-Kari Ann-



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