Juicy Peach

Peaches are one of my favorite foods of all time. My mother even told me that when she was pregnant with me, she constantly craved peach yogurt! So, a peach scented candles seems like a good thing to try!

Juicy Peach is a seasonal regular at Yankee Candle…so if you can’t find it in stores, don’t worry…it’ll be back next spring!

Juicy Peach


The Scent: Juicy, ripe, fresh-picked peaches. I love this scent! It smells just like a true peach, no extra sugar needed! To me, Juicy Peach is the scent of Summer! A-

The Throw: The throw of this tart is surprisingly great! Cold, this tart smells so weak, but lit, it fills up my living room!!! This one tart will send you spiraling back into summer! A-


Yup, I love peaches!

-Kari Ann-


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