Merry Marshmallow (New Holiday 2013 Yankee Candle)

Jenna, our friend Pam, and I found this new holiday scent at a Yankee Candle outlet in jar and tart form! I knew I had to try this one out a bit early (yes, it’s way too early for Christmas!)

Merry Marshmallow is awesome!

Merry Mashmallow

The Scent: This wonderful scent is purely marshmallow, and it’s incredible! It is fluffy, sugary, and sweet. This is probably the first purely marshmallow candle scent I’ve ever tried…there is no, I repeat no, mint, vanilla, chocolate, or smoky aspects to it! This is a true, gooey marshmallow scent. In my opinion, Merry Marshmallow is the perfect base to mix other scents with (Peppermint Swirls, French Vanilla, Whoopie Pie…).

There was nothing really “wintry” or “holiday” about Merry Marshmallow, other than the name and picture. This just as easily could have been Summer Marshmallow or Spooky Marshmallow and been packaged as a Halloween or summer scent. But I am 100% okay with that! What Campfire Treats lacked for me in scent and throw, Merry Marshmallow made up for! Overall, this scent was wonderful and simple, which is often not the case for holiday scents…and is much appreciated! B+

The Throw: I was very much surprised by the quality of this tart! I was a bit disappointed by Campfire Treats and had low expectations for this guy! But I was very please! The throw of this tart filled up my living area completely! It didn’t blow me away, but it had that gentle presence that could be detected everywhere! B+


Overall, Merry Marshmallow is a wonderful addition to the 2013 holiday line-up at Yankee Candle!

-Kari Ann-



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