Salty Sea Air (CFTKR)

I feel like I cannot properly review this scent because it ended up giving me a major headache!

It’s not a bad scent, actually I loved it cold! There was just something about the throw and strength that made me get a wicked headache and feel nauseous.

salty sea air saly sea air 2

The scent description from Candles from the Keeping Room : “a refreshing clean scent-like walking on the beach with the wind, water and sea air.” It really does smell like fresh ocean water. In fact, it reminds me of Ocean Water from Yankee Candle!

For some reason, “ocean” scents when lit give me a major headache! Salty Sea Air and YC’s Ocean Water’s are two that I love cold, but just begin to feel sick when lit!

Strange, because I’m getting my degree in chemical oceanography…you’d think this scent must be second nature to me! I must have a sensitivity to whatever oils are used to capture that ocean essence. It’s too bad! So I cannot give this a grade, just a recommendation!

The Throw: Phenomenal! Wow was it strong! A+


Last night, I went to go see Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, and Twenty One Pilots! It was so much fun! Grad school tends to eat up all my time, so it was fun to take a study break for a night!


-Kari Ann-




  1. WOW, you’re lucky you got to see FOB and Panic! I love them both!

    Totally agree about this scent, it’s super cloyingly clean…the saltiness is nice, but it’s really heavy!

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